Let the less fortunate see through our eyes - Dr.P.Kalpana On Diwali Day my mobile phone chimed and I heard my friend screaming out of agony and helplessness. Once I reached her residence, I found all hell was let loose there. A merciless cracker had smashed her 7 yr old kid's face and the child was yelling in pain. In the emergency ward of a multi-specialty hospital, all the dirt blood and remnants of inflammable chemicals were removed and a host of sophisticated investigators revealed that the child had lost her vision. As I drove back home, the sky started drizzling as did my eyes. As an ophthalmologist, I could foresee the plight of this little boy. He will be put on the long wait list of corneal transplant cases. Regrettably awareness of eye donation is explicitly low.  About eye donation:  It doesn't mean donation of the entire eye as perceived by many. it is only donation of the cornea, i.e the clear transplant dome in front of the back portion of eye. Anyone of any age can donate their eyes(cornea). Even very aged persons using spectacles or those with diabetes or hypertension are no exception. All that is needed is that the eyes should be removed within six hours of death.It will leave no disfigurement that will interfere with funeral practices and the entire procedure takes just 20-30 min. Donors can pledge with any eye bank, resolving to part with their eyes after death. In case, the eyes are not pledged, the loved ones of the deceased can decide on the donation .Eye donation services by the government and voluntary sectors are provided free of charge.  Let a couple of lesser fortunate brethren see through our eyes for the rest of their lives.