Tissue Donation

Donation of Musculoskeletal Tissue

Bone, cartilages, ligaments and tendons are musculoskeletal tissue. Bone is the second most transplanted issue in the world, second only to blood. Often more effective than artificial alternatives, bone grafts can make reconstruction more feasible or shorten the recovery time for many orthopedic procedures.

Donation of Heart Valves

These donations are used to repair congenital defects in babies who could die without surgery and to
Replace diseased aortic valves in adults.

Donation of Corneal Tissue

The cornea is the clear outer covering of the front of the eye. If it becomes diseased or damaged, the
Person’s vision deteriorates, often as far as complete blindness.

Donation of Skin Tissue

Skin banking has been a godsend for burn victims. Skin is the best dressing to use on serious burns.