Welcome to Dhanam Movement

Dhanam, the initiative of Fr.Jerry Rosario, SJ (MDU) ([email protected]), is dedicated to the promotion of human donation - donation of blood, eyes and other tissue; of organs for transplant and the whole body for medical/scientific research.

A Public Charitable Trust - the Dhanam Trust - was registered only on 9 Feb 2009 with Fr Provincial (of the Madurai Jesuit Province) as the chairperson and Fr Jerry Rosario as the Executive Director. It was officially launched as a Jesuit Ministry on Independence Day 15 Aug - that year with Fr.M. Devadoss, SJ, the then Provincial, symbolically piercing a heart - shaped balloon to inaugurate this ministry to promote human donations.

Early 1993, Fr Peter Hans Kolvenbach SJ, the then Jesuit Superior General, wrote a letter to all Major Superiors on extradinary Healthcare in which he informed that Jesuits "may draw up and carry with them a legally valid document which donates their vital organs, in case of death, to someone in need.They may be if they wish donate their body for scientific purposes after death.

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